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Specifically targeting women with hormonal and/or metabolic disorders.

      • Polycystic ovary syndrome and adrenal conditions
      • Thyroid dysfunction
      • Menopause
      • Bulimia, anorexia and other eating disorders


Our professionals will assist with:

      • Optimising weight (BMI)
      • Losing Fat
      • Improving hormonal status
      • Managing menopause symptoms
      • Improving fertility rates and reducing the risk of recurrent miscarriages
      • Minimising mood disorders
      • Reducing stress levels
      • Improvement of general wellbeing and overall health, as well as body image and self esteem

Structured Program

Initial comprehensive consultation with Dr Dana Moisuc who will:


        • Identify problem areas, history of disorders and conditions.
        • Full physical examination as needed, including gynaecological and pap smears.
        • Measurements, weight and BMI assessment well as blood tests.
        • Additional investigations as required.
        • Comprehensive diagnosis and education.
        • Goal setting and tailor made programs.

Subsequent weekly assessments
with Dr Dana Moisuc for:

        • Monitoring progress.
        • Personal motivation.
        • Identifying problem areas.


Visits with the Gynaecologist
If specialist care is required, including minor and major gynaecological surgical procedures.


Visits with our  psychologist
Visits with our Naturopath- Vanessa Lamaro
Visits with our Dietitian- Jodie Wilson

Weight Management & General Wellbeing

For exercise, flexibilty, movement, overall body strength and well-being we recommend ‘Advantage Pilates’ – www.advantagepilates.com



No gimmicks, no short cuts.

Just hard scientific data and dedication from our friendly team that
awaits you and will guide you through a life transforming process.

Steady and enduring progress is one step at a time.

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