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Approximately 40% of all women suffer from urinary incontinence.

This may be caused by a weakened pelvic floor or by a weak bladder, and this can be a debilitating factor affecting the quality of life, causing interference with lifestyle, sporting and family activities.

A referral to Dr Moisuc can help overcome this condition, sometimes as easily as a course of sessions on our Wave Brilliance Magnetic Chair.

On consultation with the doctor, she will be able to assess your suitability for treatment on the “Chair”, or an alternative route of management as needed.

As many as 80% of women may respond well to the course on this Magnetic Chair, in many cases being all it takes  to regain independence from incontinence issues and/or withdraw the need for a pelvic floor surgical intervention .

Comprehensive information is available through this link: www.wavebrilliance.com

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