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Specifically targeting women with hormonal and/or metabolic disorders.
The first one of its kind on the Coast, the Clinic is designed to help and assist with weight management of women who suffer from metabolic and/or hormonal disorders, including but not limited to:

  • Polycystic ovary syndrome and other adrenal conditions.
  • Thyroid dysfunction.
  • Type 2 diabetes.
  • Menopause.
  • Bulimia, anorexia and other eating disorders.


Our professionals will assist with:

      • Optimizing weight (BMI).
      • Losing fat.
      • Type 2 diabetes.
      • Improving hormonal status.
      • Improving blood pressure levels.
      • Lowering cholesterol and glucose levels.
      • Managing menopause symptoms.
      • Improving fertility rates and reducing the risk of recurrent miscarriages.
      • Lowering risk of heart attack, stroke and other diabetes related complications.
      • Minimizing mood disorders.
      • Reducing stress levels.
      • Improvement of general wellbeing and overall health as well as body image and self esteem.

Structured Program

Initial comprehensive consultation with Dr Dana Moisuc who will:


        • Identify problem areas, history of disorders and conditions.
        • Full physical examination as needed, including gynaecological and pap smears.
        • Measurements, weight and BMI assessment well as blood tests.
        • Additional investigations as required.
        • Comprehensive diagnosis and education.
        • Goal setting and tailor made programs.

You will receive an introductory pack including a fitness and diet diary and a meal planner.

Subsequent weekly assessments
with Dr Dana Moisuc for:

        • Monitoring progress.
        • Personal motivation.
        • Identifying problem areas.


Visits with the Gynaecologist
If specialist care is required, including minor and major gynaecological surgical procedures.


Visits with our  psychologist
Olga Moisuc, with an initial risk assessment visit of 30 minutes.


Personal Trainer, Excercise Physiologist
Shane Nettleton


Training, Exercise & Fitness

If you want long term results to become fitter, healthier and happier, our personal training options will ensure you achieve your goals. You may choose to make use of our personal trainer Shane Nettleton. His services are individualized and patient tailored and they include:


        • Flexible session times.
        • Outdoor/gym/boxing sessions.
        • 30 minutes first session of training free, that is a comprehensive assessment of health levels, measurements and goals setting.
        • Individual or group training.
        • Package of 10 session challenge available at discounted prices.
        • No gym membership required.
        • Regular assessments 4-6 weekly.


Weight Management & General Wellbeing

For exercise, flexibilty, movement, overall body strength and well-being we recommend ‘Advantage Pilates’ – www.advantagepilates.com



No gimmicks, no short cuts.

Just hard scientific data and dedication from our friendly team that
awaits you and will guide you through a life transforming process.

Steady and enduring progress is one step at a time.

Please download our Weight Management Fact Sheet

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