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This edition of my newsletter is dedicated to Ovaries
Dear friends,
It’s been a while. I skipped one edition of newsletters, as I’ve been busy attending conferences and updating all that much needed medical knowledge!
But I return with a wealth of gynaecological news which I can’t wait to share with you.
There is a lot coming about ovaries, and further about pelvic floor, meshes and tapes after the Senate enquiry debacle.
One blog at a time…
letting all my GP friends from Wide Bay Area know that YES, I am still visiting fortnightly, never stopped!
And as from October I will start consulting in Maryborough as well. I will send out letters shortly to all doctors with precise information regarding this.
After all, most of us believe that it is precisely this pair of precious pelvic organs which makes a woman a woman, with all the good, the bad and the ugly, as many frustrated male partners would testify to
when we

us women

fail to behave ‘rationally’. Would we be better off without our ovaries? Or is the
issue so much more complex than this?


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