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New Guidelines on HRT

A lot has changed in our understanding of menopause and prescribing HRT since the WHI study released in 2012. The hyper of hormone therapy as universal panacea had been replaced back then by the hyperinflated American news-driven fear of the drugs seen all of a sudden as poison and carcinogenic. But over time, and upon systematic and laborious review of extensively available data,
which include new well designed studies, with combined international efforts, gratefully more in-depth and nuanced patterns emerged.

WHI Trial conclusions are now considered to be exaggerated (Prof Rod Baber)
For starters, the terminology of ‘HRT’ has now been replaced by ‘menopause hormone therapy’ (MHT), which reflects more adequately the fact that it is used to treat symptomatology rather than being a replacement for a hormone deficiency. Menopause is a natural biologic stage in women’s life and definitely not a disease, and treatment addresses quality of life par excellence.


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