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We understand that every woman is unique and has a personal journey.

We will make a difference by:

–          helping you feel supported and comfortable, confidentially sharing your wishes and concerns

–          empowering you to take control and play an active part in deciding options for your treatment

–          professionally assisting you in your journey, be it your pregnancy, the birth, post natal care or  managing your medical condition

–          simply being here for you, available as kind and warm professionals to listen, guide and heal to our best abilities.


Every woman is unique.  We understand this and tailor our care to match your individual needs.

We believe a holistic approach to your health care is necessary to treat your specific circumstances. This Is why we offer a full range of women’s health services, supporting you as professionals through your journey.  From your first consultation right through to the end, we aim to assist you every step of the way, be it medical treatment, surgery or the birth of your baby and beyond.

The keys of a positive experience and good outcome are communication and trust. Knowing this, we provide an open yet confidential and respectful  relationship, putting you at ease to make you as comfortable as possible.

We aim to empower you as a partner in care rather than treat you as a mere patient.

In response to the recent Covid-19 (Corona Virus) outbreak, we have reviewed our hygiene policy and procedures. Read more >>