Dr Dana Moisuc has been delivering babies on the Sunshine Coast for 10 years now and to celebrate she invited all the mums and their families that she has delivered to a “Party in the park” on Sunday 2nd November. The day was a huge success and it was so lovely to see the children growing up. We had a magician, a face painter and balloon twister as entertainment.  It was touching to see all the families return with their children and to be a part of the happiness that has been brought to families on the Sunshine Coast.

The words of one father sum up the day in his thoughts and emotions: CLICK TO READ

” Thank you so much for a beautiful day on Sunday. I really hope you like the photos I took which are on the enclosed thumb drive. My favorite is image 388 with you smiling and holding that chubby little baby surrounded by pretty little painted faces and proud mums and dads – that is what it is all about and to me that is what you are all about.

Gai and I were really chuffed that you had invited us to come and help you celebrate but I never expected to feel the way I did. Both Gai and I became quite emotional because seeing you and talking to you brought back so many memories and I felt like I was back there, all those years ago.

It was funny actually because being around all of those people that you had helped and that you had worked with…sort of…well…we felt connected to all of those people. I sat and watched and listened to different ones telling their stories, sharing their happiness, their hardships, funny stories, uplifting stories. And as I watched and listened to those people talk and laugh and swap their stories and memories, all the images and details of the Bob and Gai story flooded into my head. The images, the conversations, the laughter, the tears… all of it filled my head.

When I think back there were some difficult days though the pregnancy and challenging things to overcome, but we did not get hung up on it back then. At the time we just made decisions and got on with it and you were there. You were there to guide us and help us and at the end you and Dr Dick presented us with a beautiful 10lb 3oz Scarlet Gabriella baby person. I cannot describe the happiness and joy that Scarlet has brought to us.

So thank you Doctor Dana. We are forever in your gratitude.

Thank you also for this wonderful gesture of inviting us and all of these wonderful people to come together and celebrate your 10 year journey at Buderim. It was a beautiful day and we are so glad that you invited us to be a part of that.

With love and thanks”.