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On a professional note….

This has been a challenging year for the private medical sector in our side of the world, as well as for the gynaecology world overall down under. Both aspects have affected my practice, probably more than ever before.

Many of us have read with avid interest AMA’ s President, Dr Michael Gannon’s editorial in ‘DOCTOR’ newsletter magazine regarding the private health insurance industry. This was an address to the Senate Committee Inquiry into Out-of-Pocket Costs in Australian Healthcare.
I personally have enjoyed his article a lot, as it is ‘telling it how it is’, upfront and with no political frills. That the out-of-pocket medical costs are not the cause of discontent for our patients, but rather the illusion given to those insured that they are covered. That in fact private health insurance in Australia has to be reformed, because, in his words, the current policies are junk. That our patients need to be able to afford insurance for themselves and their families….



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